Back Exercises that Build Muscle

Back Exercises that Build Muscle

Consistent, and progressive muscular training is the best way to increase muscle size(also known as hypertrophy) and strength). It’s also important to understand that building and sustaining muscle requires energy. Your body will not build additional muscle mass unless your caloric intake can sustain more muscle mass. If you are committed to increasing muscle mass, it is worth considering working with a registered dietitian to review the number of calories and distribution of macronutrients in your diet. Adequate nutrition combined with muscular training will help you build and maintain more muscle.

The following back-exercise recommendations are divided into three general sections of muscle groups: upper, middle and lower. No group is more important than the other, so be sure to include exercises for each group. Increasing muscle size through progressive muscular training means stronger back muscles with an increased work capacity.

Upper-back and Mid-back Muscles

Muscle Action
Upper trapezius Elevates shoulders
Rhomboid minor Elevates and brings shoulder blades together
Levator scapulae Elevates the shoulders
Mid-low trapezius Draws shoulder blades together and down
Rhomboid major Puuls SHoulder blades together
Latissimus dorsi Pulls arms down and toward the body


Low-back Muscles

Muscle Action
Erector spinae Extends the spine
Quadratus lumborum Bends the spine from side to side

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